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How Is It Funded?

Our Honey Child Program is funded by a community grant from the March of Dimes and is operated through our non-profit entity, Wheeler Avenue 5Cs, Inc. (Central City Comprehensive Community Center).

How Does the Program Work?


  • Meet at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, 3826 Wheeler Avenue
  • Meet for two hours, once a month, for five months
  • Attend sessions on (1) Nutrition (2) Prenatal Exercise (3) Prenatal Care (4) Self Esteem and (5) Preterm Birth and Labor & Delivery
  • Are provided with gifts for the mothers and babies at each session
  • Are rewarded with a Graduation and Baby Shower upon completion of the program
  • Can choose the day and time to attend designated group sessions.
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The Program Coordinator and trained facilitators lead the group sessions. The March of Dimes provides the curriculum and materials used to teach the sessions. Professionals are invited and utilized as presenters to add another level of information being delivered to the participants.

Participants are placed in groups of no more than 10-15 persons per facilitator. Participants meet on the same day and time of the month, with the same facilitator and classmates, in the same room for each class session.

Who Oversees Honey Child?

Program Coordinator, Prentice Armstead, oversees the Honey Child Program at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

The Program Coordinator can be reached at:

Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church
3826 Wheeler Avenue
Houston, Texas 77004
Direct Phone #: 713.579.2783
Fax #: 713.748.2830

How is the Program Publicized?

Our program is publicized by recruiting at churches, health centers, physicians’ offices, health fairs, community centers, radio and television spots, etc. We also us printed fliers, postcards, banners, and brochures help publicize our program.

How can You Help?

We welcome and would like to carry out the multitude of chores associated with operating our wonderful program. This includes, men, women, and youth groups seeking volunteer opportunities. Professionals such as, nurses, Ob/Gyns, nutritionists, certified exercise or yoga teachers, attorney’s counselors, persons with computer skills/clerical skills, and social workers are just a few individuals who could help with our program. We highly encourage High school or college students who need community service hours can earn them by assisting with our program.

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, mentor or volunteering for the Honey Child Program, contact our Program Coordinator regarding positions. Click here to sign up to become a volunteer.

Honey Child Program


Additional ways to help with the Honey Child Prenatal Education Program:

  • Donate incentives for participants
  • Help spread the word about us via radio and televisions announcements, as well as through local community newspapers
  • Make referrals to our program
  • Obtain some of our printed material and tell your civic clubs, social organizations, friends, etc. about our wonderful program
  • Tell other non-profits, churches, health entities, and businesses about our availability to make personal presentations regarding the Honey Child Prenatal Education at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

You’re Not Alone

Contact us today for assistance help with your pregnancy, do not wait another day. Or, you can register early to attend sessions according to our schedule. We are looking forward to helping you prepare for the birth of our baby!

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